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27 February 2007 @ 08:14 am
Some of this may be old news, but I'm posting it anyway.
from QualityHealth:
The shocking health benefits of garlic!

1. Lowers cholesterol. Garlic is a surprising source of vitamin C, which combines with allicin to deliver powerful heart benefits.

While allicin holds back LDL "bad" cholesterol, vitamin C promotes circulation by preventing plaque from binding to blood

vessel walls.
2. Protects against the flu. Crushed garlic is a key source of immune boosting allicin. This special antioxidant increases the

body's production of white blood cells to fight off bacterial and viral infections.
3. Helps keep weight off. Consuming just two teaspoons daily of raw minced garlic can help keep weight gain at bay. Research

shows that the sulfur compounds in garlic break down fats in the bloodstream before they can enter fat cells. Sulfur also

combats cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels.
4. Promotes breast health. Adding uncooked garlic to raw meet reduces the effect of a harmful carcinogens that are formed

when meat is cooked at high temperatures. The credit goes to diallyl sulphide, a phytonutrient that decreases production of the

liver enzymes responsible for activating the breast cancer-causing compounds.