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10 February 2007 @ 04:53 am
dietary pet peeves  
peeves as of late.

When you hang out with a vocal vegetarian (outside of the internet, I just don't talk about veganism if not asked about it), that person tends to "out" you. "I'm a vegetarian, but SO AND SO is a VEGAN."

I don't know what its about. Does it make them seem less extreme? Does it make the whole concept seem less abstract and more concrete to the uninitiated? Or is it a ploy to get the heat off their backs and onto me?

Anyway. The List.

1. When people find out I'm vegan, they ask "How do you get your protein?"
Dude. Meat, dairy and eggs are not the only sources. LOTS of plant sources have protein. In fact, most americans get 4x more protein than they need. And that's a painful road of kidney, liver problems, excruiciating liver and pee and my favorite: the ever MANLY colon cancer.

My dad has fucking gout for fuck's sake, and he's telling me to eat more protein. I get enough. EVEN THE INTERNET SAYS SO!

2. Well if you're vegan, make sure to get a balanced diet, and all your nutrients!
Nevermind that the people SAYING this know NOTHING about nutrition. And that they themselves don't know how much of what nutrient they need OR how much they typically consume in a day. And most of them are obese AND malnourished. How does a person even MANAGE DOING THAT????!!!

I can see thin and malnourished. I can even understand obese and OVERLOADED with nutrition. (Vitamin D poisoning, and stuff like that). But overweight AND malnourished? That should be impossible. There's just NO excuse, especially in this country.

Their diets must consist soley of meat fried in lard, and fried processed white dough fried in lard.

DIRT is more nutritious than that. And they're telling me about nutrition? Fuck off! Learn a thing or two about your own nutritional needs before lecturing me, lady. ITS NOT THAT HARD TO LEARN, FUCKTARDS

3. My stupid skinny doctor told me to lose weight.
Um... would you listen if he was fat?

4. My stupid fat doctor told me to lose weight.
Hey, its still good advice.

5. I'm on Atkins
Yeah, that'll solve all your problems long term. In the meantime, enjoy some gout and a heaping side of kidney failure! Then maybe a colonoscopy for dessert.

6. I heard from a friend and she heard online that you shouldn't eat fruit because it's sugar and it'll make you fat.
You're fucking joking, right? Because if you're not, I'm bashing your face in. No offense to your friend who heard it somewhere online, but fruit isn't what got either of your where you are today. In fact, prior to hearing this revelation, I'm 99% sure that fruit didn't even consist of 1% of your food intake. And now you're gonna fill that 1% with fast food. Excellent.

7. "I can't!
Hm... Write this down, because it's complicated.
DON'T, then!
Seriously, the sound of that sentence-- that precise whine and tone haunts my dreams. I Caaaaan't hear that fucking sentence one more time or blood will shed.

8. But...
fuck off.

9. Defensiveness
I visit the poor_skills community, because I honestly love all things frugal. And when this was posted just a few hours ago, it was inundated by about 300 angry replies. Why so defensive? Did they feel it attacked them personally? IMHO, it says a lot more about the repliers than it does about the actual post. Read the fear and self pity.

10. Oh, so vegans don't wear leather?
To quote Michael Bluth: "You are aware that they don't remove the cow's skin surgically?"

11. You must be skinny because you're vegetarian/vegan
Um... I hate to burst your bubble, if you think that vegetarians are automatically "skinny".
They're not all skinny. And for the record, I think of myself as strong, limber and athletic, not "skinny". I hate the word skinny!

Lots of junk food is vegetarian/even vegan. Lots of plant sources have fat and oil (lipids). If you've ever read Vegan with a Vengence-- the author is an attractively plump gal who likes baking cookies, cakes, cupcakes. People create mental blocks for themselves so they don't have to start dieting and excercising. They think that thin people are natrually thin. And that fat people are unchangeably fat. Listen! Thin people work to stay that way. Vegetarians, too! They don't eat limp lettuce and celery all day, either... And while many may eat vegetarian/vegan diets high in fat, what they won't get is cholesterol/heart issues.

Did beef propoganda train people to think vegetarians only eat lettuce? It amazes me how many people say that. "What do you eat all day? Lettuce?" Their minds can't fill the gaps. Talk to a lifelong meateater about this and their first assumption is always lettuce. It takes them a long time to think of anything else that might fill the palette. I watched a lady's eyes go blank for almost a full minute before a lightbulb went off and she said "Oh,I suppose vegetarians can eat bread, too."

wow. I wonder how long it took her brain to make the leap to imagining 2 slices of bread with just lettuce between.

kendraad on February 10th, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
I love soy milk by the way.