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10 January 2007 @ 10:07 pm

Can anyone recommend a good fitness web site that has decent workout suggestions? I found that MSN had a nice fitness section, but other then that I haven't had much luck finding somewhere else that seemed reliable.

Has anyone ever heard of an excersize for fighting that lovely double chin? We always hear how to get tight abs, firm butt, killer arms, and great legs, but I've never heard anyone (fitness trainer or whoever it might be) address how to get rid of a double chin. When I was in Japan 3 years ago my neighbor let me borrow her Seveteen Japan magazines and they had this excersize (or what it looked it) for strengthening your chin section.

It involved leaning your head back comfortably and simply opening and closing your mouth, but every time you closed your mouth you wanted to make sure the muscles that the closed the mouth felt tight.

That's what it looked like according to the pictures. I can't read Japanese all that well. But maybe that might be something to try.
MinRhominrho on January 11th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
Spot reducing, ie localized fat removal
Ah.... Spot reducing, ie localized fat removal....

Man, does this concept refuse to die!

Maybe because when people do reps for a specific body part, it "feels the burn"? They might then take that to mean it's "burning" fat (in their thighs for example), when in actuality it's a form of acid building up in the muscle?

I hate to say it, but burning fat in one area by exercising that body part is a myth.

So why do trainers and health experts recommend strength training, calisthenics and the like? Why do leg raises if it's not going to shrink your legs?

Well, the clearest way I can put this is that your body's fat reserves is like a glass of water. You can't draw a square on the glass and then try to empty the water in that square alone. You have to speed up your metabolism and lose total body fat in order to lose fat in the section you want. (and where you lose fat first is predetermined by genetics). But rest assured, once you lower total body fat, you'll eventually lose fat in the area you want it gone, which is why health experts recommend a combination of proper diet/nutrition, cardio and resistance/strength training.

Many health experts and trainers will tell you to target an area to slim it down knowing FULL WELL that it won't reduce it. For example, they recommend sit ups to shrink your flabby belly. Why do they do this? Well, its not completely without merit. Muscle is sleek, beautiful and will strengthen your bones. It will also rev up metabolism to an extent. But mostly, they say it because it's an easy quick way to get cooperation from someone who's normally against excercise. Its also good for sales. Which are you more willing to shell out money for? The guy who makes you take the slow steady Total Body Fat reduction route? Or the guy who says "Shrink you belly NOW with crunches and situps!"

Sadly, most people will spend more money on the second guy. Even after they find out about total body fat reduction. Everyone wants a magic bullet, and they think that someone will invent a super special magic sit up that will shrink their midsection.
kendraad on January 11th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
Re: Spot reducing, ie localized fat removal
Thanks for the info Min. I had read in fitness articles that situps were actually in a way bad or possibly harmful to the body. That it caused a lot of tension to the back muscles. Have you heard of that?

I should have known better that I can't centralize a certain spot on my body and hope by doing certain things it would make the fat go away. I don't have a double chin, but it would be nice to have a firmer chin just like it's nice to tone up the arms or something.