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06 January 2007 @ 10:03 pm
gripes and wishlist  
First off. My wishlist:

1 A nutritional book written by someone who knows how to cook and loves food.

2 A taste-tester to follow me around constantly free of charge. Including the cost of any foods and products the taste tester would consume for me.

fulfilled: food dehydrator for my birthday

fulfilled: combination weight scale and body fat monitor

Fulfilled: the books "vegan with a vengence" and "vegan vittles"


1. My number one gripe right now? The assumption that the only things vegans/vegetarians eat is water and wilted lettuce. Look. Some vegetarians go months without eating anything fresh, green or healthy... vegan/vegetarian foods can be just as fatenning and unhealthy as meat/animal products. Vegan/vegetarians struggle with their weight, too.

2. The silly misnomer that fat can turn into muscle (or that muscle can turn into fat if not exercised).

That's an impossibility. Unless you're a Hogwart's wizard and you can transute one form of matter INTO ANOTHER, it's not going to happen.
Muscle cells and fat cells either wither or bloom. They don't disappear or turn into the other. Say, you have a dog named Fido. You hide Fido in the backyard and buy Fluffy the cat. Fido did not turn into Fluffy.

Fat is scary in that you have a set number of them by simple virtue of existing. In lean times they shrink to astonishingly small size. In good times they baloon to giNORMOUS proportions. But they don't disappear. Neither are they muscle cells that have turned into fat cells. No, it's just the same fat cells you've always had--- engorged. There are only extreme life-and death situations that kill fat cells. And if things are THAT dire, chances are, you'll lose other cells first. Brain cells, liver cells, what have you, before even one fat cell dies. The only other way is through surgery. Yep. Fat cells are there to stay, but their capacity to shrink is amazing, so that's plenty of reason to keep exercising.

Think of it as good motivation. You can't lose fat cells, and have a set number of fat cells when you're born. But you CAN develope New fat cells, and you're not losing those either, unless you have surgery. So its much better to shrink the cells you have and not give your body a reason to develope whole new cells to deal with.

Muscle does not turn into fat. If it seems that way, its because

a. the muscle is relaxed.
b. A layer of fat is on top of the muscle, blanketing it and obscuring it.
c. paranoia

3. My other gripe is the women who use myth #3 as an excuse not to exercise, or not to exercise to the fullest of their potential.
Wah wah wah. "I don't want my fat to turn into muscle!" wah wah wah.

4. Dude. If you can hold a comfortable conversation as you're working out--- (without at least sounding huffy and puffy) you're NOT working out. If it takes some effort to talk as you're doing cardio, you know something is right on track.

5. Atkins. Isn't it dead and buried by now? If not, can we just kill it and bury it now? Please?

6. The milk your diet campaign. I fucking hate those commercials. And the Ben Stein seafood commercials. Horrible. Ugh. People get paid to think of that dumbassery?