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27 February 2007 @ 08:14 am
Some of this may be old news, but I'm posting it anyway.
from QualityHealth:
The shocking health benefits of garlic!

1. Lowers cholesterol. Garlic is a surprising source of vitamin C, which combines with allicin to deliver powerful heart benefits.

While allicin holds back LDL "bad" cholesterol, vitamin C promotes circulation by preventing plaque from binding to blood

vessel walls.
2. Protects against the flu. Crushed garlic is a key source of immune boosting allicin. This special antioxidant increases the

body's production of white blood cells to fight off bacterial and viral infections.
3. Helps keep weight off. Consuming just two teaspoons daily of raw minced garlic can help keep weight gain at bay. Research

shows that the sulfur compounds in garlic break down fats in the bloodstream before they can enter fat cells. Sulfur also

combats cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels.
4. Promotes breast health. Adding uncooked garlic to raw meet reduces the effect of a harmful carcinogens that are formed

when meat is cooked at high temperatures. The credit goes to diallyl sulphide, a phytonutrient that decreases production of the

liver enzymes responsible for activating the breast cancer-causing compounds.
10 February 2007 @ 04:53 am
peeves as of late.

When you hang out with a vocal vegetarian (outside of the internet, I just don't talk about veganism if not asked about it), that person tends to "out" you. "I'm a vegetarian, but SO AND SO is a VEGAN."

I don't know what its about. Does it make them seem less extreme? Does it make the whole concept seem less abstract and more concrete to the uninitiated? Or is it a ploy to get the heat off their backs and onto me?

Anyway. The List.

1. When people find out I'm vegan, they ask "How do you get your protein?"
Dude. Meat, dairy and eggs are not the only sources. LOTS of plant sources have protein. In fact, most americans get 4x more protein than they need. And that's a painful road of kidney, liver problems, excruiciating liver and pee and my favorite: the ever MANLY colon cancer.

My dad has fucking gout for fuck's sake, and he's telling me to eat more protein. I get enough. EVEN THE INTERNET SAYS SO!

2. Well if you're vegan, make sure to get a balanced diet, and all your nutrients!
Nevermind that the people SAYING this know NOTHING about nutrition. And that they themselves don't know how much of what nutrient they need OR how much they typically consume in a day. And most of them are obese AND malnourished. How does a person even MANAGE DOING THAT????!!!

I can see thin and malnourished. I can even understand obese and OVERLOADED with nutrition. (Vitamin D poisoning, and stuff like that). But overweight AND malnourished? That should be impossible. There's just NO excuse, especially in this country.

Their diets must consist soley of meat fried in lard, and fried processed white dough fried in lard.

DIRT is more nutritious than that. And they're telling me about nutrition? Fuck off! Learn a thing or two about your own nutritional needs before lecturing me, lady. ITS NOT THAT HARD TO LEARN, FUCKTARDS

3. My stupid skinny doctor told me to lose weight.
Um... would you listen if he was fat?

4. My stupid fat doctor told me to lose weight.
Hey, its still good advice.

5. I'm on Atkins
Yeah, that'll solve all your problems long term. In the meantime, enjoy some gout and a heaping side of kidney failure! Then maybe a colonoscopy for dessert.

6. I heard from a friend and she heard online that you shouldn't eat fruit because it's sugar and it'll make you fat.
You're fucking joking, right? Because if you're not, I'm bashing your face in. No offense to your friend who heard it somewhere online, but fruit isn't what got either of your where you are today. In fact, prior to hearing this revelation, I'm 99% sure that fruit didn't even consist of 1% of your food intake. And now you're gonna fill that 1% with fast food. Excellent.

7. "I can't!
Hm... Write this down, because it's complicated.
DON'T, then!
Seriously, the sound of that sentence-- that precise whine and tone haunts my dreams. I Caaaaan't hear that fucking sentence one more time or blood will shed.

8. But...
fuck off.

9. Defensiveness
I visit the poor_skills community, because I honestly love all things frugal. And when this was posted just a few hours ago, it was inundated by about 300 angry replies. Why so defensive? Did they feel it attacked them personally? IMHO, it says a lot more about the repliers than it does about the actual post. Read the fear and self pity.

10. Oh, so vegans don't wear leather?
To quote Michael Bluth: "You are aware that they don't remove the cow's skin surgically?"

11. You must be skinny because you're vegetarian/vegan
Um... I hate to burst your bubble, if you think that vegetarians are automatically "skinny".
They're not all skinny. And for the record, I think of myself as strong, limber and athletic, not "skinny". I hate the word skinny!

Lots of junk food is vegetarian/even vegan. Lots of plant sources have fat and oil (lipids). If you've ever read Vegan with a Vengence-- the author is an attractively plump gal who likes baking cookies, cakes, cupcakes. People create mental blocks for themselves so they don't have to start dieting and excercising. They think that thin people are natrually thin. And that fat people are unchangeably fat. Listen! Thin people work to stay that way. Vegetarians, too! They don't eat limp lettuce and celery all day, either... And while many may eat vegetarian/vegan diets high in fat, what they won't get is cholesterol/heart issues.

Did beef propoganda train people to think vegetarians only eat lettuce? It amazes me how many people say that. "What do you eat all day? Lettuce?" Their minds can't fill the gaps. Talk to a lifelong meateater about this and their first assumption is always lettuce. It takes them a long time to think of anything else that might fill the palette. I watched a lady's eyes go blank for almost a full minute before a lightbulb went off and she said "Oh,I suppose vegetarians can eat bread, too."

wow. I wonder how long it took her brain to make the leap to imagining 2 slices of bread with just lettuce between.

10 January 2007 @ 10:07 pm

Can anyone recommend a good fitness web site that has decent workout suggestions? I found that MSN had a nice fitness section, but other then that I haven't had much luck finding somewhere else that seemed reliable.

Has anyone ever heard of an excersize for fighting that lovely double chin? We always hear how to get tight abs, firm butt, killer arms, and great legs, but I've never heard anyone (fitness trainer or whoever it might be) address how to get rid of a double chin. When I was in Japan 3 years ago my neighbor let me borrow her Seveteen Japan magazines and they had this excersize (or what it looked it) for strengthening your chin section.

It involved leaning your head back comfortably and simply opening and closing your mouth, but every time you closed your mouth you wanted to make sure the muscles that the closed the mouth felt tight.

That's what it looked like according to the pictures. I can't read Japanese all that well. But maybe that might be something to try.
08 January 2007 @ 11:48 am
this is Minrho. For some reason, LJ will let me log in to post, but not to reply. Grr! Internet!

I've stayed pretty much on the straight and narrow, whatever that may be. At 5'3, my weight fluctuates between 106-111lbs, depending on the time of month. People assume that just because I'm vegan, I don't have to try to maintain my weight at all, and really, I have to watch it just like anyone else.

--Someone with a high metabolic rate will slowly use up excess fat cells though it takes 2-3 years to do so. ---

Do any of us actually know one of these magical people with high metabolisms? I sure don't. And don't bother telling me you know a friend of a friend's cousin who saw one once. I don't care. The fact of the matter is, that most people aren't, and the reason fat cells themselves don't disappear unless drastic measures are taken is really quite simple. When fat is consumed from food, it's too big to be absorbed whole. So the body breaks fat down into glycerol and fatty acids and then reassembled-- basically stuffed into an existing fat cell of the body, thereby inflating it. When the body needs fuel, it's much more efficient to empty that sack of it's glycerol and fatty acids than to get rid of the sack and contents at once.

I suppose you could work yourself to death for a 2-3 year span and kill a few fat cells in their entirety. But how many people actually would? And say you ran a marathon at top speed to kill some fat cells? The point is, that the human body is prepared to kill off a lot of healthy tissue before it even considers killing a fat cell. Muscle, connective tissues, etc.

---I do think Atkins has a place though; it's effects on people's natural cravings is worthwhile, though I'll admit that some of the products that have sprung into being as a result of carbs being the new fat are pretty vile.---

Atkins as a whole is a pet peeve. Most people worry about getting enough protein, ignorant of the fact that most americans get about 4X more than they need. Excess protein is turned into fat. And too much protein taxes the liver and kidneys. Mmm. Kidney stones. Painful urination! Bring it on!

I don't know any atkins user who jumped on it years ago who is slim now. None. And they tried hard, believed hard. Faithful and fatty and still making their futile atkins claims and sad atkins prayers. It would be laughable if I didn't feel so bad for them.
06 January 2007 @ 10:03 pm
First off. My wishlist:

1 A nutritional book written by someone who knows how to cook and loves food.

2 A taste-tester to follow me around constantly free of charge. Including the cost of any foods and products the taste tester would consume for me.

fulfilled: food dehydrator for my birthday

fulfilled: combination weight scale and body fat monitor

Fulfilled: the books "vegan with a vengence" and "vegan vittles"


1. My number one gripe right now? The assumption that the only things vegans/vegetarians eat is water and wilted lettuce. Look. Some vegetarians go months without eating anything fresh, green or healthy... vegan/vegetarian foods can be just as fatenning and unhealthy as meat/animal products. Vegan/vegetarians struggle with their weight, too.

2. The silly misnomer that fat can turn into muscle (or that muscle can turn into fat if not exercised).

That's an impossibility. Unless you're a Hogwart's wizard and you can transute one form of matter INTO ANOTHER, it's not going to happen.
Muscle cells and fat cells either wither or bloom. They don't disappear or turn into the other. Say, you have a dog named Fido. You hide Fido in the backyard and buy Fluffy the cat. Fido did not turn into Fluffy.

Fat is scary in that you have a set number of them by simple virtue of existing. In lean times they shrink to astonishingly small size. In good times they baloon to giNORMOUS proportions. But they don't disappear. Neither are they muscle cells that have turned into fat cells. No, it's just the same fat cells you've always had--- engorged. There are only extreme life-and death situations that kill fat cells. And if things are THAT dire, chances are, you'll lose other cells first. Brain cells, liver cells, what have you, before even one fat cell dies. The only other way is through surgery. Yep. Fat cells are there to stay, but their capacity to shrink is amazing, so that's plenty of reason to keep exercising.

Think of it as good motivation. You can't lose fat cells, and have a set number of fat cells when you're born. But you CAN develope New fat cells, and you're not losing those either, unless you have surgery. So its much better to shrink the cells you have and not give your body a reason to develope whole new cells to deal with.

Muscle does not turn into fat. If it seems that way, its because

a. the muscle is relaxed.
b. A layer of fat is on top of the muscle, blanketing it and obscuring it.
c. paranoia

3. My other gripe is the women who use myth #3 as an excuse not to exercise, or not to exercise to the fullest of their potential.
Wah wah wah. "I don't want my fat to turn into muscle!" wah wah wah.

4. Dude. If you can hold a comfortable conversation as you're working out--- (without at least sounding huffy and puffy) you're NOT working out. If it takes some effort to talk as you're doing cardio, you know something is right on track.

5. Atkins. Isn't it dead and buried by now? If not, can we just kill it and bury it now? Please?

6. The milk your diet campaign. I fucking hate those commercials. And the Ben Stein seafood commercials. Horrible. Ugh. People get paid to think of that dumbassery?
01 December 2006 @ 01:34 pm
It's no secret that winter is coming up. In fact california just experienced a sudden and relatively severe cold snap the past couple days.
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26 November 2006 @ 10:21 am
I think we've been through a gamut of "motivation" topics. None of us wants to be reliant on expensive drugs as we get older-- or surgery to repair the tolls of excess. For that matter, we don't want to get any older than we have to, if at all. Hence the exercise and nutrition. We all want to maintain a healthy weight to save our lives and our looks and our minds.

So for the time being I'd like to suggest a moratorium on the motivation topic and emphasize just sticking to the road we map for ourselves.

First off, exercise. All the tricks in the world won't help you if at the end of the day-- (and the END of reciting your goals, motivations and practicing all the tricks to keep you on task) decide to skip the workout. Say you set up a shitload of mental hoops to jump through in order to keep motivated to exercise. "I've got to count to a hundred and take a deep breath and THEN force myself to exercise."

A lot of the time, someone has decided beforehand that they're not going to, whether they know it or not. I'll exercise after this commercial break. I'll exercise tomarrow. I'll start when the last red leaf falls. Whatever the saying or promise is, the majority know they'll be breaking that promise to themselves. It must be said, and there's no polite way to say this: "I'll start tomarrow" is the death of any promise. It's the polite way to say no or bow out when someone asks you to do something. But there's no polite way to say no to yourself. Only ways to cheat or deprive yourself of something better.

Does it help to realize if you are in fact one of the people making promises to themselves. (knowing full well deeeep down that it will be broken?) Self-awareness is one thing. But at the end of that litany you just gotta fucking DO it.

It does get easier. Starting is the hard part, but hey. You get it over with. You eventually reach the other side. And it does become less and less of a torture session and more of a routine thing. Think of it as brushing your teeth everyday. Washing your dishes. Changing into clean socks.

Don't overthink it. Don't waste time dreading tomarrow, or the next few hours when you schedualed that workout. Do it now. Just fucking get it over with. Starting is the hard part, right? Well start, already. Destroy, dominate, annihilate that which causes dread and whining.

Just fucking do it.
I'm reassessing in my mind what I like about my routine, and trying to reaffirm my commitment to health and clean living. So I'm writing myself a positive list, and maybe some resolutions, and I'd appreciate if watchers and/or members would do the same, though its not required to post if you don't want to. A lot of reasons to be healthy or not are personal, and to be respected.

1. Because I like that I'm not supporting and channeling money to cowshewitz.
2. Because nutrition and fitness are better than the flu shot.
3. Because my dog is more tired than I am at the end of a walk/jog.
4. Because suncreen is a worthwhile hassle.
5. Because I never want to go on blood pressure medication or cholesterol meds.
6. Because I don't want to support pharmacutical companies.
7. Because acid reflux and apnea would keep me up at night if I stop.
8. Because I like my libido.
9. Because I like it when people are surprised by my strength.
10. Because I realize health is a priveledge and deserves to be watched and protected.

1. I will continue to stay informed and use information as judiciously and level-headedly as possible.
2. Vary my cooking more, vary nutrients.
3. Be more tolerant of husband and friends who eat dead animals.
4. Stop calling meat dead animals, even though it is (just kidding)
4. I will not buy leather in the future.
5. I will read ingredients in food, beauty products and cleaning agents.
6. I will not beat myself down if I slide backwards a bit.
7. If I slide back, I will not beat myself up, I'll simply continue again.
8. I will learn from my mistakes.
9. I will consume less caffeine.
10. I will try to be as efficient as possible.
I've heard time and again. All you need to do is just count calories to lose weight. And while that's true, it's not the whole story. It's great if you're 300+ pounds and need to lose weight to save your life-- any method will do. Any. asap.

There was a recent study using chimps that comes to mind. One group of chimps ate a diet high in trans fats. The other ate normal foods. Both groups ate the same amount of calories a day. But the group that ate the higher amounts of trans fats gained 7% of their body weight, even though according to the caloric number, they shouldn't have gained any weight at all.

So, if your average chimp weighs 100lbs, he's gained roughly 7lbs. Is it 7lbs. of water? or muscle? Probably fat, (mostly visceral and arterial, no doubt) not by exercising differently or less. Not by eating more, or more calories. But by the content.

Currently in america, there are nine million obese americans who smoke. I'm not making a connection between the two, but the compounded health risks is frightening. When I was 40lbs heavier, I felt absolutely awful everyday. I didn't even realize I felt horrible. Like having a sprained ankle and not knowing it, having acquired it slowly and gotten used it it for years. Only when it (the figurative sprain, i.e. the weight) was removed, did I realize what my "normal" felt like. To add smoking to that is unimaginable.

Though there is one connection, that I think exists and others can refute. If someone is prone to smoking, a flippantness about their health and money could also extend to their looks. The same could maybe go for those who are prone to be overweight. Hey, my health is already screwed. What more damage could smoking do?
05 October 2006 @ 09:22 am
when someone says "I want to look like (fill in the blank)", it concerns me. I usually ask them why, and equally important: "And then what?"
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random tip of the day: (something I'm gonna try to do more often)

They say that eating more often raises the metabolism (provided these "snacks" don't raise a day's total of calories, they will promote weight loss, steadier metabolism and more stable appetite and blood sugar. But snacks that look like snacks tend to promote hunger. Snacks that look like mini-meals do the opposite. People who ate a typical looking snack, say a granola bar, candy, or energy drink in a can tended to eat 87% more at dinner than people who ate snacks that looked like mini-meals, even when the snacks and mini-meals were comperable in calories, fat and nutrition.

So if you're able, try to eat a snack on a plate. For example, a small side of lean, skinless chicken with a steamed veggie may have the same amount of calories as a snack sized bag of chips , or a granola bar, but make you eat less throughout the day.