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26 November 2006 @ 10:21 am
I think we've been through a gamut of "motivation" topics. None of us wants to be reliant on expensive drugs as we get older-- or surgery to repair the tolls of excess. For that matter, we don't want to get any older than we have to, if at all. Hence the exercise and nutrition. We all want to maintain a healthy weight to save our lives and our looks and our minds.

So for the time being I'd like to suggest a moratorium on the motivation topic and emphasize just sticking to the road we map for ourselves.

First off, exercise. All the tricks in the world won't help you if at the end of the day-- (and the END of reciting your goals, motivations and practicing all the tricks to keep you on task) decide to skip the workout. Say you set up a shitload of mental hoops to jump through in order to keep motivated to exercise. "I've got to count to a hundred and take a deep breath and THEN force myself to exercise."

A lot of the time, someone has decided beforehand that they're not going to, whether they know it or not. I'll exercise after this commercial break. I'll exercise tomarrow. I'll start when the last red leaf falls. Whatever the saying or promise is, the majority know they'll be breaking that promise to themselves. It must be said, and there's no polite way to say this: "I'll start tomarrow" is the death of any promise. It's the polite way to say no or bow out when someone asks you to do something. But there's no polite way to say no to yourself. Only ways to cheat or deprive yourself of something better.

Does it help to realize if you are in fact one of the people making promises to themselves. (knowing full well deeeep down that it will be broken?) Self-awareness is one thing. But at the end of that litany you just gotta fucking DO it.

It does get easier. Starting is the hard part, but hey. You get it over with. You eventually reach the other side. And it does become less and less of a torture session and more of a routine thing. Think of it as brushing your teeth everyday. Washing your dishes. Changing into clean socks.

Don't overthink it. Don't waste time dreading tomarrow, or the next few hours when you schedualed that workout. Do it now. Just fucking get it over with. Starting is the hard part, right? Well start, already. Destroy, dominate, annihilate that which causes dread and whining.

Just fucking do it.