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19 October 2006 @ 11:46 am
A clumsy step forward is still a step forward, right?  
I'm reassessing in my mind what I like about my routine, and trying to reaffirm my commitment to health and clean living. So I'm writing myself a positive list, and maybe some resolutions, and I'd appreciate if watchers and/or members would do the same, though its not required to post if you don't want to. A lot of reasons to be healthy or not are personal, and to be respected.

1. Because I like that I'm not supporting and channeling money to cowshewitz.
2. Because nutrition and fitness are better than the flu shot.
3. Because my dog is more tired than I am at the end of a walk/jog.
4. Because suncreen is a worthwhile hassle.
5. Because I never want to go on blood pressure medication or cholesterol meds.
6. Because I don't want to support pharmacutical companies.
7. Because acid reflux and apnea would keep me up at night if I stop.
8. Because I like my libido.
9. Because I like it when people are surprised by my strength.
10. Because I realize health is a priveledge and deserves to be watched and protected.

1. I will continue to stay informed and use information as judiciously and level-headedly as possible.
2. Vary my cooking more, vary nutrients.
3. Be more tolerant of husband and friends who eat dead animals.
4. Stop calling meat dead animals, even though it is (just kidding)
4. I will not buy leather in the future.
5. I will read ingredients in food, beauty products and cleaning agents.
6. I will not beat myself down if I slide backwards a bit.
7. If I slide back, I will not beat myself up, I'll simply continue again.
8. I will learn from my mistakes.
9. I will consume less caffeine.
10. I will try to be as efficient as possible.